About Moochies

Moochies was conceived in a shopping mall in Australia.

Co-founder Ryan was with his sister and his 6 year old niece Tallulah when there was that horrifying moment, where just for a few fleeting seconds Tallulah dashed out of sight into the crowds.

Every parent knows how this feels. Even though it was only for a short time, the panic was enough to make Ryan think that there had to be a modern day solution to provide communication between parents and kids if they are not within sight of each other.

The obvious solution was a mobile phone, but the likelihood is that Tallulah would forget it, lose it, or simply forget to charge it. Plus how would she carry a bulky mobile phone with her? He then conceived a cuddly toy with an inbuilt phone, but again this seemed impractical, and unlikely kids would want to carry it around with them – especially older kids.

The solution was Moochies, a watch that is a fully functioning mobile phone. With smart technology, responsive micro-antennas and built in GPS tracking, it means parents can track where their kids are when they’re out and about.

You’ll be glad to know that Tallulah wears her Moochies all the time!